from the Committee Chairman

Wings of Honor is an exceptional world-class tribute to all the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and civilian employees who served at Marine Corps Air Station Santa Barbara during World War II.  Here we celebrate all those that gave so much for the common good. Their legacy is our freedom, and we should never forget the sacrifice and hardships they endured to secure our future. It is a treasure we can never fully repay. When completed the Wings of Honor tribute will be the tallest cantilevered glass sculpture in the world. The glass “feathers” are each individually edge lit by a series of light emitting diodes placed in the base. There will be no visible illumination source. The feathers will simply glow with a pure white light.  This tribute will serve to remind all of us of Santa Barbara’s rich history, its countless contributions to our nation, and home to thousands of Marines during World War II. Learn about the exciting history of the Air Station, now The Santa Barbara Airport. Read about local events that support the project and fundraising efforts.  
We can’t thank our Contributors enough for their kind contributions.  Please visit the web site often, we will be updating it with new pictures, news, current events, and fundraising progress. I encourage you to tell your friends and anyone who might be interested in seeing and supporting this wonderful tribute.  I invite your comments and questions. Please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

6/8/2016 I am pleased to announce that in addition to General P.X. Kelly as an Honorary Chairman, we have added Mr. Peter Jordano as our local Honorary Chairman. Peter is a well known businessman and a former Marine 1st Lieutenant.  Peter was also a batboy for the 1942 MCAS Santa Barbara Baseball Team!  Wecome aboard Peter!

7/1/2017 Captain Dennis Peterson has assumed the duties of Committee Chairman.

Semper Fi,

Capt. Dennis Peterson, USMC (Fmr)
Chairman of the Wings of Honor Committee