About the Project

A one-of-a-kind tribute to honor all who served and commemorate the historical significance of the Marine Corps Air Station at the Santa Barbara Airport.

Breathtaking in scope, this feat of modern engineering is lit for dramatic effect at night, drawing visitors in to discover the rich history of the airport. As a lasting testament to the story of the base, Wings of Honor will educate future generations on the vital role Santa Barbara played during WWII.

The Artist’s Vision
“My quest was focused on conveying the “spirit” of servicemen and women. To me, it is not about bullets, bombs and bayonets, but rather about honor, loyalty, service and sacrifice.
The sculpture is a celebration of those that fight for our freedom. It is uplifting and emotionally soaring, a physical reminder of the significant sacrifice made by these brave men and women.
An engineering marvel, the sculpture’s two cantilevered glass wings, weighing over 5 tons each, rise twenty feet tall from stainless steel bases. The wings lean toward each other forming an archway – a symbolic portal to the new age brought about by the end of WWII.”
– Douglas Lochner This is Mr. Lochner’s seventh public art commission

Engineering & Fabrication
The massive cantilevered glass wings are supported via a two-foot tall stainless steel clad base, the feasibility of which has been verified.
Each wing consists of six separate laminated glass feathers, the longest of which stands twenty feet tall. The feathers are free-standing, overlapping four inches to form a segmented wing-like structure.  The end of each feather is pocketed (two feet) in a heavy steel support framework which is bolted to a massive footing. The glass wings slant toward the center of the walkways forming an archway through which people can walk. The glass has a special coating that uses sunlight and static electricity to repel dirt and water, helping keep the sculpture clean. Each wing is composed of multiple layers of contiguous temperate glass bonded together in a process called lamination. This is the same process used to make “bullet-proof” glass.

Lighting & Landscaping
Great care has been taken to consider aircraft safety and ground-level aesthetic in the design of the illumination of Wings of Honor. It will surely be awe inspiring for the visitor at night.
The glass of the sculpture is edge-lit by ultra-high efficiency commercial LED modules. By installing the LEDs inside the base, it will illuminate the sculpture at night with no visible light sources, eliminating glare and enhancing the ethereal quality of the artwork.
The walkways, landscaping and benches combine with the sculpture to create an environment steeped in symbolism, enhancing and adding richness to the visitor experience.
One of Santa Barbara’s leading landscape architects has been retained to incorporate native plants and to make certain the site complements the existing Airport landscaping.